Trendy, classic or contemporary, our range of superior crafted wood garage doors are not just superbly designed, they’re perfectly inexpensive. Our range blends luxury and aesthetic appeal to complement a variety of architectural styles.

Our specialty at Island Doors is offering premium wood garage doors to make your house stand out. To assist you in selecting the ideal door and organizing your wood garage door installation, our team of certified technicians is always willing to share their expertise with you.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Wood Garage Door

Benefits of Wood Garage Doors

Very strong – A wooden garage door can be struck without denting, unlike a steel one. It is quite durable and able to tolerate some harm.

It’s a green option – An eco-friendly door is one made of wood. Some businesses use recycled materials to create their wood doors.

Maintenance – Steel garage doors are a great option for low-maintenance projects because they don’t require as much treatment, staining, or painting as other materials, like solid wood, do. Repairing a steel garage door is also considerably quicker and simpler than fixing glass panels or sanding wood doors.

Energy Efficiency – Insulation can be a key concern for many homeowners, and steel garage doors can offer significant insulation advantages over other options. This can save your heating and cooling expenses and make your garage a more comfortable area all year long.

Design Options – Steel garage doors can be manufactured in a variety of unique designs, including windows, different textures, panel stamps, and more. They can also be stamped to look like wood grain, allowing you to match to a specific style of construction and improve curb appeal.

Replacing an old, dented, and worn-out garage door with a beautiful, sturdy, and brand-new one can massively improve the curb appeal of your home while increasing its value.

Our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction, and we achieve that by fully evaluating your particular circumstances, offering a detailed and in-depth review of the choices available to you, including material and price comparisons, and assessing security and aesthetic requirements in order to match them with the most appropriate solutions.

Customizable – When creating a wood garage door, you have a lot of options to consider. You have a variety of color and panel design options.

Long lasting – This material will hold up for many years. The longevity of this type of garage door appeals to many of our customers.

The cost – Generally speaking, wood is more expensive than materials like steel and plastic. This holds true pretty much every time you purchase a higher-quality item.

Maintenance – Unfortunately, this kind of door has a maintenance issue. It will occasionally need to be redone. The bolts also frequently come loose while doing routine tasks. But we can help you with this.

Insulation problems – Similar to other materials like steel, wood is not the best insulator. The issue is that, unlike certain alternatives, it cannot be shielded. But we can always work it out.

Swelling and warping – This material is prone to swelling and warping when there is a lot of moisture in the air, just like any wood door is. The door’s operation may suffer greatly as a result of this. A wooden door might not be the greatest choice for you if you live in a neighborhood where there is frequently standing water close to your home.

How Island Doors Can Help?

We’ll send a professional to inspect your house and talk with you about installing a garage door. They will answer all of your questions so you may feel secure about your installation decision.

No matter the kind, make, or model of garage door, our company can service it. We make an effort to instruct our valued customers on how to maintain their garage doors.