Most people are aware that powerful winds from hurricanes and other storms can result in terrible damage. Fewer homeowners are conscious that their garage doors can make a significant difference in the protection of their homes. The relationship between storms and garage doors is complicated.

The best way to safeguard your home against strong winds, flying objects, and flooding is with a hurricane-rated garage door, which comes with unique features including heavy-duty parts, watertight seals, and impact-resistant panels.

NOT hefty, but HEAVY-DUTY
Weight has always been an issue with garage doors that are rated for wind loads. However, the Hurricane Ready Garage Doors from Island Doors are developed with precisely designed components made from thinner, lighter steel without sacrificing performance, resulting in strength to endure strong wind.

Storm safety and Stylish
A heavy-duty hurricane-rated garage door does not have to display a hideous, clunky appearance. The aesthetics of your property can be improved while also receiving genuine hurricane protection, thanks to Island Doors’ elegant garage door styling.

Local Code Compliance
The engineers at Island Doors make sure to stay up with the frequently changing local building codes and implement the necessary engineering improvements. Even though our designs are competitive, we adhere to the local code standards.

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