Avoid a Garage Door Accident

Avoid a Garage Door Accident

Schedule garage door spring repair services in Melbourne & Merritt Island, FL today

Island Doors, Inc. provides garage door spring repair services in the Melbourne & Merritt Island, FL area. We’ll change out your broken spring for just $99.

If your garage door won’t open and close properly, it might be because of a broken spring. But don’t worry, we have the tools and experience needed to replace your broken or weakened garage door springs. You can trust us to replace your faulty extension and torsion springs ASAP.

Call 321-368-5923 today to arrange for garage door spring repair services.

Why should you replace your worn-out door springs?

Our garage door company changes out garage door springs in Melbourne & Merritt Island, Florida and throughout Brevard County. Replacing your faulty garage door springs can:

  • Prevent your garage door from falling on a loved one or your vehicle
  • Save you from having to open and close your garage door manually
  • Extend the life of your properly functioning springs

Call us today with any questions you may have about our garage door repair services.